Government of India Ministry of Shipping (Ports Wing)
No: PD- I 4033 / 4/2020-PD_VII
Government of India
Ministry of Shipping
(Ports Wing)

1, Parliament Street
Transport Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated: 23.3.2020

  1. In, order to contain the spread of Coronavirus, various State Governments/Union, Territories have issued prohibitory orders, imposing restrictions on non-essential services.
  2. In this regard, it is brought to the notice of all concerned that 'transport service for carriage of goods by water and any service connected with loading, unloading, movement or storage of goods in any port are essential service'.
  3. All ports and IWAI are requested to take action accordingly, while dealing with incoming vessel, Ports should act in compliance with DGS order no. 4 of 2020 dated 20.03.2020, SoP issued by Ministry of Shipping dated 11.03.2020 and any other order/SoP issued by Ministry of Shipping or DG Shipping from time to time.
  4. Chairmen of Major Ports shall set up a control room and intimate the details to this Ministry.

(Arvind Chaudhary)


  1. Chairmen/CMD, All Major Ports and IWAI
  2. Chief Secretary of Maritime States/UTs
  3. Secretaries of State looking after Ports/Maritime Boards
  4. DG(S)
  5. MD,IPA

Copy to:

  1. PS to Hon'ble Minister (IC)
  2. Secretary(Shipping)
  3. Secretary, MoH & FW
  4. Home Secretary, MHA
  5. Secretary, Ministry of Commerce
  6. Special Secretary (Logistics)

Copy to for Internal Circulation to:

  1. PS to AS(s)
  2. PS to JS(P)/JS(S)/JS(SM)/JS(PPP)/JS(A)
  3. PS To Sr. Advisor(E)
  4. All Director/DS in Ministry of Shipping

Source link: Ministry of shipping Order dated 23-03-2020 (pdf)